The Tasty Detail

BBQs to us mean one thing – fun!!  We love BBQs and we think there is no more of a relaxed, fun way to spend an afternoon. Because of our love for BBQs, we have created a range of options to cater for everyone.  We do a prepared delivered option which you just decant the salads and bread and then cook the meats, we do two levels of serviced BBQs and we offer a very popular Street Food BBQ.

The complete BBQ pack delivered is a party in a box, a ready-made event! In your box you will receive two types of bread, five types of fresh butcher’s meat including your own choice of marinaded free-range chicken.  A choice of freshly prepared seasonal salads that just need decanting into your display wares, our very own BBQ Sauce, caramelised red onions and English cheese slices to finish off your hand pressed English quarter pounders.  It’s an affordable show stopper with little work for yourself.

Our two levels of serviced BBQ’s do exactly as they suggest.  It’s the Wild Gourmet BBQ set up with all your meats cooked for you by a Chef and your choice of freshly prepared salads displayed. We will serve for around 90 minutes giving plenty of time for your guests to dine.  Once done, we clear up as if we were never there.

Finally, it’s our incredibly popular Street Food BBQ, this is a choice of dishes from around the world, cooked fresh and served with different slaws and peri-peri salted fries. It is all served in complete meals in disposables so once again, no washing up! We allow for around 1.5 portions per person with this so if you guests wanted to try two, they could. Check out our ‘Street Food’ tab for this.

As with all our serviced events we are happy to bespoke and tailor menus to suit.  For example, if you have travelled somewhere abroad that evokes strong memories, we can do a street food offer from that venue.  Our main aim is your happiness.