Street Food Menu

Street Food BBQ Menu.

Choose two meats and one vegetarian.
Fully staffed event. Allow for circa 1.5 portions of food per person.

‘The Stacked Burger’
A hand pressed, English steak, quarter pounder burger, free range streaky bacon, red onion chilli jam, red Leicester cheese, The Wild Gourmet BBQ sauce, toasted brioche bun, fresh salad leaves & topped with guacamole & smashed nachos. Served with pickled red cabbage slaw & salted piri piri chips
(Can be a veggie option too using plant-based burgers & no bacon)

‘The Dapper Dog’
The fully loaded dog! BBQ spiced chicken dog loaded with BBQ pulled pork & onion, topped with mixed cheese, soured cream, BBQ sauce, spring onions and crispy onions. Served with creamy Cajun slaw & salted piri piri chips

‘The Tandoori Tickler’
Tandoori marinated free range chicken breast, grilled Khobez flatbread, onion & cucumber Indian salad, minted yoghurt sauce, mango chutney, crispy Bombay mix. Served with Indian style lime & chilli slaw & salted piri piri chips

‘The Gyrating Gyros’
Greek inspired Gyros style marinated chicken breast, shredded romaine, plum tomato & soused red onion salad, grilled Khobez flatbreads, classic Greek tzatziki. Served with pickled red cabbage slaw & salted piri piri chips

‘The Vegetarian Chickpea Charger’
A fired spinach & kale chickpea burger, topped with traditional falafel, fried crispy spiced baked chick peas, garlic mayonnaise, crispy onions all in a toasted brioche bun. Served with herby tabbouleh & piri piri salted chips

‘The Jerking Chicken’
Tacos stuffed with jerk rice, bean & corn salad, avocado, topped with pulled slow cooked spicy jerk chicken & pineapple salsa. Served with charred corn cobettes & piri piri fries.