Street Food Menus

Street food BBQ menu

Choose two meats and one vegetarian
Fully staffed event. We cater to allow for circa 1.5 portions of food per person

Taste of America
‘The stacked burger’
A hand pressed, English steak, double quarter pounder burger, bacon chilli jam, red Leicester cheese, the wild gourmet bbq sauce, toasted brioche bun, fresh salad leaves & topped with guacamole & smashed nachos
Served with pickled red cabbage slaw & salted piri piri chips
Taste of Greece
‘The Gyrating Gyros’
Greek inspired Gyros style Marinated chicken breast, shredded romaine, Plum Tomato & soused Red onion Salad, Grilled Khobez Flatbreads, classic Greek Tzatziki
served with pickled red cabbage slaw & salted piri piri chips
(Gluten, milk, Celery, soya, sulphites)
Taste of India
‘The tandoori tickler’
Tandoori marinated free range chicken breast, grilled khobez flatbread, onion & cucumber Indian salad, minted yoghurt sauce, mango chutney, crispy Bombay mix
Served with Indian style lime & chilli slaw & salted piri piri chips
(soya, milk, gluten, egg, mustard, peanuts)
Taste of Morocco
‘the chickpea charger’
A fired spinach & kale chickpea burger, topped with traditional falafel, topped with fried crispy spiced baked chick peas, garlic mayonnaise, crispy onions all in a toasted brioche bun
Served with herby tabouleh & piri piri salted chips