Fine Dining

Unique & Inspired Fine Dining Experiences

At The Wild Gourmet, we believe in nothing more than using the finest, local ingredients and building our dishes around this. We believe that if we start with a high-quality local product and treat it with respect in our cooking methods, the end results will speak for themselves. We have based our Fine Dining menu around this ethos. The aim is to allow you to have restaurant-quality fine dining meals in your own home that you can finish off with minimal effort or if you are feeling extra special, can be cooked and served by a high-end trained Chef in your home with minimal intrusions to allow your special occasion to be relaxing for all the guests including yourself.

Fine Dining Home Kits
High-quality Home Restaurant Kits

All our restaurant-inspired ‘Fine Dining Delivered’ home-kits are prepared by our in-house chef with extensive culinary skills, expertise and experience in the kitchen using nothing but local suppliers, butchers and farm shops to ensure that your food is of the best quality through and through, and come with easy-to-follow heating and plating instructions and delivered to your door. An uncomplicated approach to restaurant-quality food is what we’re all about. We request that ideally one dish per course is chosen for this to keep it easier for yourself. We can extend it to two if this is necessary due to dietary requirements.

Fine Dining Brought to You
The same can be said for our ‘Chef at Home’ option. It all starts and ends with excellent produce. With this option, a Chef will join you on your evening and bring all the crockery needed to present the meal to the highest standard. The Chef will cook for you fresh in front of you and your guests, present, serve and explain your dishes to your party for an all-inclusive dining experience. Once finished, the kitchen will be cleaned down and the team will leave as if they were never there. For the ‘Chef at Home’ option, we are more than happy to liaise with you to create the perfect bespoke meal for you and your guests. With everything we do, we are committed to excellence in all that we do – our food, first and foremost, but also our customer service and our commitment to the community and environment. We want to provide amazing meals of the highest quality at an affordable price. We have excellent relationships with our suppliers and it’s really important to us that we continue to use only produce of the highest quality that is locally sourced and whose provenance is guaranteed to help us to support the community and local businesses.